A downloadable game for Windows


Game made for Ludum Dare 47 - 48 hours - compo

In this land you are an ethernal being.
Walk, and see the word.
Plant the seeds of life, and wath the world change.

A relaxing experience

E - Plant seed
D/Right Arrow - Walk

Made with Unity

Font - Free Pen


Shadowbox.zip 46 MB
Shadowbox - mp3 36 MB
Shadowbox - Flac 39 MB


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This looks and sounds amazing! The gameplay is adictive in a cathartic kind of way. I liked the metaphorical weight of a world that ages only as you move forward, grows when you interact with it and decays when you don't. It has some nice philosofical value on it that makes you reflect on the impact every being has on its enviroment, no matter how small it is. The music is amazing and I loved the walking animation of the little cube. Really cool job matcha!

My only issue was that I'm playing on a laptop and the canvas didn't scale properly to my screen size.